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Weekly Case Counts & Metrics

Data update: In light of new CDC guidance published July 27. 2021, we will now be using CDC metrics to measure community spread and risk to the public (previously, we were using Harvard’s Path to Zero model).  These updates will come out every Wednesday moving forward, and will be combined with our weekly numbers (which will move from Fridays to Wednesdays).

Under the CDC’s new recommendations:

-If you are fully vaccinated you can participate in many of the activities that you did before the pandemic. However, if you live in an area where there is substantial or high transmission, wearing a mask indoors in public is recommended. This is because there have been cases of break through infections with the Delta variant in vaccinated individuals that can be transmitted to others.

-Vaccinated individuals that have or live with someone with a weakened immune system due to age, or underlying health conditions may choose to wear a mask regardless of the level of transmission

-It is still recommended that unvaccinated individuals wear a mask regardless of the level of community transmission.

The level of transmission will be communicated as colors: blue (low), yellow (moderate), orange (substantial) and red (high). These levels are based on 2 metrics:

-Total new cases in the past 7 days per 100,000 population

-Percentage of positive tests in the past 7 days

If the two indicators suggest different transmission levels, the higher is selected.

For more information on the CDC’s new recommendations, visit:

COVID-19 Update

January 12 -18, 2022

It is with great sadness that we report one COVID-19-related death of a Monroe County resident over the past week. We send our condolences to the family and to all who have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

We have had several inquiries as to whether our data includes the Afghan guests at Fort McCoy. Please know that COVID-19 cases and testing among Afghan guests at Fort McCoy are not included in our weekly data as these are considered under a separate jurisdiction for reporting purposes.

For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 local-level data, please visit  All cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are reported to the State, but aren’t always reported to the local Health Department.

For additional County-level data and information on COVID-19, please visit:

We ask for your continued support in helping to stop the spread of this virus.  Get vaccinated, if you are able.  COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at reducing your risk for severe illness, hospitalization, and death caused by COVID-19.  Visit or call 608-269-8666 to schedule your appointment today.

Other simple steps we all can take to protect ourselves and our loved ones include:

*Wear a mask when in public indoor spaces and crowded outdoor gatherings

*Maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others

*Wash your hands frequently

*Stay home if you feel sick

* Get tested if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Testing and Screening

Testing Information

For more information about COVID-19 testing, visit

Healthcare Testing:

*When testing at your local health systems, be sure to CALL FIRST.

Gundersen Nurse Line: 608-775-4454
Mayo Nurse Line: 507-293-9525
Scenic Bluffs Health Center: 608-654-5100

Mile Bluff Medical Center- Mauston: 608-847-5000

Free Community Testing Events

The testing sites listed are intended for residents of Western WI but are available to everyone, even those not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, age 12 months and older.

Dates and locations are subject to change.

To see the most up to date schedule/location of these sites and to pre-register for these events, visit

*Lines may become long and attendees need to remain in their vehicles

*Results are usually available in 2 – 3 days but may take up to five days during times of high testing activity.

For more information about upcoming testing sites throughout Wisconsin, visit

To pre-register for these sites, visit

En Español

Walgreens COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing is available at various locations in La Crosse, also Sparta, Viroqua, Mauston, and Reedsburg. More information is available here.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse COVID-19 Testing

Free testing for COVID-19 is available to anyone in the La Crosse area at Cartwright Center on the UW-La Crosse campus. The University of Wisconsin System, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, is offering this testing option to help catch asymptomatic spreaders of COVID-19, and to help people make informed decisions regarding health and safety.

For more information, visit

At-Home COVID-19 Testing

Free Antigen Testing Kits :

As of January 18, 2022, every home in the U.S is eligible for 4 test kits initially. Orders will ship in 7-12 days. These tests are free. Order your test kits now, so you will have them when you need them.

COVID-19 At-Home Collection Kits :

The State of Wisconsin and Vault Medical Services have teamed up to offer COVID-19 testing option for everyone who lives in Wisconsin, with or without symptoms, at no cost. This service allows people to collect their own saliva samples for testing in their home. The kit will include detailed instructions on how to collect the saliva, which includes a video call with a testing supervisor through Vault Medical Services , and ship it back via UPS drop box to the lab for processing. This is a saliva test and is similar to a nasal swab you might receive at a community testing site.

What to Do After Being Tested

English: Next Steps: While You Wait for Your COVID-19 Test Results

Spanish: Next Steps: While You Wait for Your COVID-19 Test Results

Masking Guidelines

Monroe County Health Department updates transmission status weekly here.

Aggregate Data

Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), when we announce new cases, we cannot identify where individuals who test positive for COVID-19 live. However, as we have seen more cases, we can provide aggregate data on cases while still protecting the privacy of individuals. See below for more information.

Business and Community Guidelines

For best practices related to keeping workplaces and other community facilities safe, please see the following resources:

Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ COVID-19 Recommendations for Businesses, Employers, and Workers

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Guidance for Specific Industries and Occupations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Guidelines for Community, Work, and School

Other COVID-19 Information

For More Information

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing and it is important to get your information from reputable sources.

For updates on cases in Wisconsin, visit:

For updates from multiple Wisconsin state agencies (workforce development, department of instruction, department of agriculture, trade, and consumer protection; etc.), visit:

For COVID-19 information in Wisconsin, visit:

For COVID-19 information from the CDC, visit: